Sterile Gauze PadSterile Gauze Pad


Our Abdominal Gauze Swab is sterilized using gamma radiation sterilization and are bleached using hydrogen peroxide with demineralized water.

These swabs have gone through rigorous test of QC , cloth construction and softness and made in accordance with Pharmacopeia standards.


General Details

We have manufactured the best quality of Abdominal Gauze Swab with and without X-Ray detectable thread in required sizes, we offer the best quality sterilized Abdominal Gauze Swab in accordance to the Pharmacopial standards. Our product serve the needs of several industrial health care service providers such as hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Our Abdominal Pads pass through rigorous tests for quality control, long lasting sterility due to the Gamma Radiation Sterilization.

Storage & Handling Details :

Store in Cool and Dry Place.
Keep Away from Direct Sunlight.
Sterility Guaranteed unless package is Damaged or Opened.
Check Package before using in procedure.

Order, Transportation and Logistics Facilities :

Samples will provide on an Immediate basis.
Order will be processed on a Priority basis.
Heavy Master Cartons that no Chance of damage while transportation.
We have facilitated logistics all over India and International markets.

Special Notes If any :

Minimum Order quantity applicable
Any Specific size or Modification in packaging will also done on MOQ basis.

Manufacturer Name :


Brand Name :



  • Highly absorbent
  • Higher tending capacity
  • Cotton Gauze stitched together with blue color x-ray detectable thread inside


  • For cleaning and swabbing wounds
  • For dressing low exudates wounds


Good Sterile pack, there indicates the conform Sterility.
1’s Abdominal Gauze Swab (with X-Ray Detectable thread) packed in Single Pouch.
5’s pouches are packed in One Inner Pouch.

Product Description No. of Swab Pack Per inner Quantity Per Shipper Shipper Size(cm) Weight Per Shipper(kg)
25 Cm X 25 Cm X 8 Ply 5 75
25 Cm X 40 Cm X 8 Ply 5 60

Size Availability

25 Cm X 25 Cm X 8 Ply X 5 Nos.
25 Cm X 40 Cm X 8 Ply X 5 Nos.
30 Cm X 30 Cm X 8 Ply X 5 Nos.
40 Cm X 40 Cm X 8 Ply X 5 Nos.
Also available in special required size.



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